Week 6: Marinating new things, prepare for testing

Concept iteration

To build better storytelling, it is important to revise the concept prototype wasn’t able to answer. A couple of things I’m exploring:

Relationship between nodes and cards

  • Relationship between nodes within the same domain
  • Rules for how everything can be moved around

Loopholes in current model

  • 50+ nodes and 100+ cards (…)
Sketching out the difference.
Exploring hierarchy of nodes.
Scrappy things.

Concept testing

When designing tools for thought, it is important to iterate through making. Even though my coding knowledge is insufficient to accommodate the timeline, the other fast method to test my ideas is concierge. 

I scheduled two concept testing sessions with two students who are conducting exploratory research for their paper – a convincing use case based on the feedback of previous prototypes. Both of them are scheduled for this Friday and will be conducted remotely.