Week 12: Packaging + Story-telling

User conceptual model, video script, showcase plan

I have so much to do!

I drew a user conceptual model to:

  • Make the fussy concepts in scattered sketches into a concrete product with features in the right scope
  • Double check if there isn't obvious logical loophole I missed
User conceptual model.
Quickly sketched out two missing features: reference and search.

I decided that the showcase site will include two pages:

  • The landing page with the video.
  • The introduction page with a short article with demo prototype clips. (This has to be shorter than a design essay or I will cry.)

About the video script:

  • Problem: I always extend my problem description into a list of connected points, and I wanted to strike the right balance. It can't be vague, but it can't be didactic either.
  • Solution: I started the script with important features and benefits I need to cover. Then I attempted to support each feature with random use cases. At the end, I formulated a story about reading an essay and connecting ideas in it to a different project. I'm aware that what I have so far need to be pushed further -- the story still hasn't been built yet. I'm worried, and I hope my future self is capable of fixing this. </3