Topic Workshop: VR/AR

I walked into the classroom seeing two VR headsets set up. I thought: it’s going to be a crazy morning.

This summer, I had a chance to listen to a talk from Jaron Lanier on problems with today’s VR industry. He imagined VR as a creative tool that augments our senses and trigger new possibilities that could change lives. Instead, most of the markets focused on offering illusions, mostly games, rather than experiences that facilitate creations.

I was happy to learn the (visual) design principles in AR environment from the team. But it was a more interesting moment when the classmates waited in line to try out the two experiences. Some are watching the mirrored screens, others are chatting about if they had enough time to try it out. I had mixed feelings to our social dynamics in the room. Working on HoloLens for a side project recently gave me a taste of the potential of the AR/VR platforms, but I just couldn’t get the feeling out of my head when I saw the announcement of Facebook Horizon.

How further secluded can we be?