Topic Workshop: Transportation

Transportation is probably the most fitting application of universal design. The public facilities are experienced by people with many different abilities in the city.

When I worked in the deign systems team at DocuSign, we spent a lot of time and effort making sure accessibility plays an essential part of defining fundamental elements, such color, button size, etc. An important reference I found was the framework created by the Inclusive Design team at Microsoft. These examples are well-thought and allow people to imagine themselves in others’ shoes: what are our situational disabilities?

Betsy Weber on Twitter: "USEFUL: “Persona Spectrum” from @microsoft Inclusive Design. There’s ...
From Microsoft Design Toolkit.

The workshop at the end of the session was very open-ended, and our team’s discussion naturally became the share-out of our experiences, especially the moments when we feel excluded and disrespected by the design around us.

I can’t believe this is the last workshop for this semester. I greatly enjoyed the breadth of topics, and each team has clearly dedicated to learn about the topic to share with the class.