Topic Workshop: Sustainability

I’m simply amazed by the sustainability workshop. The team members took on four meaningful directions: product-making, digital energy consumption, informing public, and social space. I’m also happy to see the useful strategic advice that the team suggested in digital product design, such as encouraging the meaningful actions at the right context.

The first section of the presentation talked about the acceleration of consumerism after WWII. I think it touched on a question that many end up asking themselves at night: can we encourage people to consume less at an age when buying more is the main avenue to the economical revenue?

Researching about climate crisis made me exposed to different answers from others. It might be a far stretch, but sometimes I feel that promoting sustainability without changing our culture is like trying to dismantle master’s house with master’s tools. I have the feeling to many dilemmas that I’m facing today as a student, an interaction designer, and a person who sincerely wants to make the world a better place. Just like Gil Friend said, how can we think our way out of these messes, when the way we think is part of the mess?

I hope I could get closer to my answer to the question, maybe in ten years.