Topic Workshop: Mental Health

I appreciate that the presentation highlighted how relevant mental health is to our discipline.

I mostly consider myself a person who grew up with messaging services and the rise of social media. Time flew by so fast! Social media, an invention from around a decade ago, is considered as a negative influence on our mental health today. Sometimes I wonder, how does growing up with a world entangled with social media influence the new generations? Will they take immediate connection as granted, like we do with the Internet? What value do they put on the numbers of likes and views? How do they construct their world views on things that the older generations (like me??? Gosh, writing this post makes me sad) might consider as problematic?

When I was little, there’s a quote that gets passed around in my family:

Everything created before one turns 18 is taken as granted; everything created when they’re 18–35 is the greatest invention of human history; everything created after they’re 35 is stupid and will will destroy the world.

I’m writing it here to remind myself to be open-minded, just like when my mother told my father to do so.