Topic Workshop: Games & Gamification

I consider myself a person with adequate knowledge about the streaming business since I casually follow a couple of streamers’ gameplay on Twitch and have been supporting some channels. It is indeed rare to see this part of the world that I’m interested in gets brought up in the classroom. My life as a designer and a gamer usually don’t overlap. As a gamer and streamer of League of Legends (who really suck at the game), I’m happy that Sherrie, Alvin, Tiger, and Tia did the topic justice.

Gamification, however, could be a difficult topic in today’s design world. The topic team provided great resources from Bunchball on types of game mechanics and how they elicit certain emotions. I have to admit that the word brings up many negative connotations, when behavioral manipulation and user “engagement” as a design tactic has become more prevalent and pervasive on most popular digital products, especially social media and shopping.

The Crazy Libs game was a fun dessert for the event. Even though the team didn’t mention the educational intent before the game starts, it was a well-thought activity that involves physical movement and social interaction by design. It did make me realize when the gamification is used intentionally and discreetly, its impact could be positive and encouraging. This is especially useful since our team is designing workshop for the next week.