Sprint #2: Grocery Carbon Footprint Tracking


For the grocery shoppers in United States who don’t have sufficient knowledge on carbon emission of products, how might they be more empowered to change consumption behavior?

Carbon Labeling System

Carbon labeling system is not a new idea. It is believed to be effective in changing the consumption behaviors of millions of U.S. customers. Existing solutions, such as carbon footprint calculators, provide results in general categories. Nevertheless, scholars have pointed out the vast difference of carbon footprint between same products made in different locations with different procedures.

Despite difficulties in implementing the infrastructure, the growing public awareness on climate crisis has ability to demand transparency in food production, and it’s beneficial to imagine how design could facilitate behavior change.

Concept Testing

The key use and the low-fidelity prototype would be used to gather feedback from people with grocery shopping habits.

So far, the recruitment has been quite fruitful. I have scheduled three meetings with participants from both the school and outside of San Francisco.