Sprint #1: Fishing and Scoping

In the first sprint, I’m looking at the intersection between algorithmic personalization and agency – what is missing from today’s timeline feeds in Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify? Following the exploratory question, I started the academic research.

To read actively, I started skecthnoting the articles and books along the way. It feels a lot like fishing: I found the method more helpful than expected in capturing any inspirations that might slip away fast. (Talking about collecting information – so meta!)

Sketchnote: The Future of Algorithmic Personalization

Reading The Future Of Algorithmic Personalization by Jarno Koponen, I’m intrigued by the idea of “choice algorithm” and giving people abilities to customize (Gosh, the meaning of this word has been severely contaminated) control the delivery of information. The essay introduced the concept context-aware interactions, and I think it’s an appropriate direction to take on the problem from user-centered perspective.

I planned to schedule expert interviews in advance for each sprint, but since this is the beginning, I had to act fast and look for the grass around me as a rabbit, (why am I writing this Chinese idiom here) so I’m interviewing one of my professors who has machine learning. I’m currently brainstorming the contexts where the opportunity fits, and I think the expert interview will certainly inspire me with more concrete use cases.