Semilattice, pt. 2

Senior Project Brief

What’s Different

In the first part of my senior thesis, I explored the ways technology augment or undermine our ability to make sense of the world. With the remaining time, I aim to help us make better sense with a more impactful and well-tested solution.

Problem Space

Personal knowledge management was what Memex in 1945 promised. I decided to come back and explore the possibilities in the field.


How could individuals better use technology to learn, create, and share knowledge?

This is certainly a broad question, and I intend to focus in a particular moment in our thinking process.

A model of knowledge creation process (WIP). References to follow.

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Week 1–2 (Feb. 1 – Feb.15)

  • Converge with new molecules
  • Expert interviews
  • Exploratory interviews

Week 3–5 (Feb. 16 – Mar. 7)

  • Exploratory interviews
  • Brainstorming
  • Rapid prototyping + concept testing
  • Technical feasibility analysis

Week 6–7 (Mar. 8 – 21)

  • Mid-fidelity prototyping + usability testing
  • Visual design

Week 8–10 (Mar. 22 – Apr. 11)

  • Saved in advance for polish or emergency fix

Week 11–14 (Apr. 12 – May 8)

  • Communication design
  • Documentation