Week ?: Letting go

My project took an unexpected turn, just like everything else in the world did. 

As the name entails, the project is not only about fixing broken parts in web browsers — it is connected to other issues with technology and existing interaction design paradigms that I have spent too much time talking about. 

I have always known that I wanted to do more than a portfolio product design project. But what is it? I looked back and realized that I desire to build a medium that hasn’t existed in the world, and it requires more than connecting the dots from what’s obviously missing. 

I started to recognize that this will be one of the rare moments in my upcoming years, in which I have adequate amount of time to entertain my wild thoughts with complete creative freedom.

During the moments that I regained the productive momentum, I spent a lot more time reading through essays, looking at others projects, and contemplating. I’ll be sharing more about my progress on Friday.