Early Idea Exploration

Four ideas in initial ideation process.

I chose the first two directions to explore, because I believe they touched on the same fundamental problem that I mentioned in the other blog post.

After estimating the scope of the project, I decided to focus the first semester on producing one working productivity tool that aligns with direction of idea #2, as a medium for research and learning. I believe working with a concrete example will help me ground myself in manifestations, not the never-ending philosophical questioning of ideas.

I sorted out the research resources that I collected throughout the summer, and looked for more publications as I prepare for the secondary research.

Organizing notes from different places

The research part hasn’t officially unfolded, since it took some time and effort to rebuild my personal website as a blogging place powered by WordPress and sort out all the back-end dirty work. I already had a sense of procrastinating and looking for excuses to not get started – so I better fix some nitty-gritty stuff of this website and work on the project brief now!