Hello there!

About Me

I grew up in Nanchong, a small city in Sichuan, China. I live in San Francisco now.

I'm enrolled in the Interaction Design BFA program at California College of the Arts, graduating in Spring 2020. I have previously interned at DocuSign and Intuit.

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About the Website

I treated the website as more than a collection of projects. You can find my recent work, essays, and casual writings about what I’m up to lately. There have been occasional upkeeps as I continue to find where my voice sits in the world. 

I initially started Glass Half Empty in Sep. 2019 to document the process of my senior project. It felt like a critical moment for me to look back at my past learning and how I should design for a world facing great inequality and uncertainty. I decided to use the space to practice my writing and reflect on my contribution as a designer.

Previous versions of websites:
2019, tested the fancy animations.
2018, tried out Webflow. Broken now :-(
2017, written in custom CSS.

Feel free to email me for a coffee and bounce off ideas.

You can find some of my essays on Medium.

Last year, I hoped to become a streamer. Now you can find me on Twitch streaming League of Legends games, sharing highlights, and entertaining the viewers who accidentally clicked into the broadcast.